Equitable quality education through



Delivering your e-learning content to any location where your learners will access it without having to deal with expensive or poor internet connectivity

Internet-free Delivery

Delivery of content in any (Moodle, NoteMaster, Webpages,  Video, PDF) to learners in remote location – currently coverage includes Africa, Asia, Caribbean and South America

Internet-free Access

Learners access your content without having to use the internet, ideal for those who are unable to use internet due to high data costs, poor internet speeds or unavailability of internet

Free Access to Computers

Learners with no personal computers, no pads or and reader-friendly devices are able to access to content on computers available at all Funda eLearning centers.

About Funda

 “No matter how well the instruction is designed, if the learner cannot gain access to the course learning materials via the technology due to physical or financial constraints, the instructional design is rendered useless and non-existent.” – Rose Liang & Der-Thanq Victor Chen

Who We Are

We are an innovation firm focused on using technology to end poverty and inequality wherever it exists.

Our Mission

Increase household incomes amongst poor communities by providing unempeded access to quality education for in academics, vocational training and life skills.

Increase school learning outcomes amongst all children

Increase school perfomance amongst girls

Increase employment (including self-emplyment) amongst poor communities due to attainment of higher qualifications and skills training 

What we Do

We are the bridge between elearning providers and unconnected communities. We help content providers reach poor, unconnected communities with life-changing content


We help educators deliver e-learning content to remote locations that are deprived of connectivity. In developing nations, online educators also face the challenge of poor connectivity when sending content to learners.


We enable learners access e-learning content for schools, farming, health, entrepreneurship without having to use the internet or owning computers or other digital device

Change Makers

Our innovation is a source of income for our community facilitators, popularly known as Change Makers, who manage the community access points, helping community members to get the best out of the innovation

Our Goals in Numbers

Our vision is to see an increase in household incomes in poor and unconnected communities through increased access to life-changing information. In this regard, by 2027, we intend to reach:

Access Points

Change Makers

Helped People

Supported Country

Our Solutions

Due to its scalability, e-learning has become one of the fasted growing sector in the world having grown 900% since 2000. The most poplar applications include the following:

Tertiary Education

Opportunity: Constrained by limits of brick and mortar, tertiary educators across the world are turning to e-Learning in order to scale their enrollments.

Challenge: Unfortunately, this is impended by  high costs of internet data and poor internet connectivity especially in poor countries.

The solution: Funda e-learning completely eliminates these obstacles, instantly bringing e-learning to learners in unconnected communities thereby allowing universities to scale their online intake at will.

Pre-school, Primary & High Schools

Opportunity: Governments and private sector educators are embracing e-learning as the most viable means of scaling access to quality education for pre-college learners.

Challenge: The learners are unable to access it due to poor connectivity and lack of receiving facilities at remote locations.

Solution: Funda eLearning platform addresses both these challenges by not just facilitating delivery of content but also providing internet-free access of content by students in remote locations.  

Pre-school, Primary & High Schools

Opportunity: While video is the best means of delivering education content for educating farmers,

Challenge: entrepreneurs and communities, most communities are without electricity let alone internet. 

Solution: Funda e-Learning platform, delivers content to unconnected communities,  extension services, health education and other development content to any community in Africa.


Become an Advocate 

Equitable access to education is the best path to poverty reduction in the long term. Read and share Our Democratization of Quality of Education Manifesto 

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Join us in making a difference in the lives of people in poor communities by giving them access to life-changing knowledge.


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